William Easdown standing in a field on a sunny day

I am a young graduate, with a BEng in Integrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the University of Bath, now working as a SPINtern at Lockheed Martin over the summer. In October, I’ll be starting an MSc in Astronautics and Space Engineering at Cranfield University.

I’ve loved space for as long as I can remember, with this recently steering particularly towards space systems engineering and spacecraft operations.

I founded Bath SpaceSoc in April 2016 and Chaired it until April 2018, when on SpaceSoc’s 2nd birthday I handed over to the new Chair, Ivan Liono. I stepped down as Chair mostly due to being elected Chair of UKSEDS, the national student space society, but it was also a good opportunity to pass SpaceSoc on to a new enthusiastic set of students to ensure its continuity once I graduated.

I’m also interested in embedded systems and product design, with my megaPhone project being one of my more complex projects to date. I keep myself up to date with current technological progress too, with the development of electric vehicles being an area that I’m keeping an especially close eye on.

If there’s something specific that you’d like to know about me, you can send me an email through my contact form. I welcome any questions you might have.