I first got seriously into photography when I got a Fujifilm S8200 bridge camera as a Christmas present in 2013. I used it to learn all the fundamentals of setting exposure and composition for a photo and have used its 40x optical zoom to capture pictures of Jupiter and its Galilean moons without a telescope.

I eventually found that the S8200 was limiting me though, so in April 2018 bought myself a Sony α6300. This is my first interchangeable lens camera and its much faster autofocus and higher resolution when compared to the S8200, as well as the physically larger sensor, allow me to take much sharper pictures with a far shorter depth of field if I want it. I’m just getting up to speed with the α6300 but will be posting pictures on my Instagram, @weasdown, as I go, so you can follow me there to see my latest creations. I’ll also be posting the best pictures on this page as another form of online portfolio and any lens reviews or other written posts will be posted under the Photography category on my blog.