Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2019 is a great year for you all. Personally, I’ll be finishing my time on my BEng at the University of Bath and am hoping to join Cranfield University in October for a one-year MSc course in Astronautics and Space Engineering.

But that aside, I thought I’d let you know what exciting things you can expect from this website in the coming year.

The Website Turns 1!

January 12th 2019 will mark the first birthday of this website, so I’m looking forward to celebrating it and seeing how the site has grown in 2018.

Alpbach Series

I’ll soon be finishing my series of posts about the Alpbach Summer School that I attended in July. It was a really great 10 days and hopefully anyone looking to apply for next year’s Summer School can learn something useful about it from my experience. I’d also recommend checking out Lucy Kissick’s blog post and video about Alpbach if you want the perspective of a scientist rather than an engineer.

More Space Articles

I’m looking forward to writing more articles about space. Following on from my post about rescuing the Space Shuttle I’ll be writing a new post about what really would have happened if a Shuttle had become stranded in space. This promises to be a really gripping story and will present the engineering and psychological challenges side by side to make sure you get the full story.

A New Crisis Series

The Space Shuttle rescue post will form the first of a new series of articles all about how people handle crises. These will look at how teams form, how the people within them interact and how people work together to overcome extraordinary challenges. I’ve not quite finalised which crises I’ll be focussing on, but they may include the Thai cave rescue or Chile mine rescue. If you have any suggestions as to which crises I should feature, I’d love to hear them; you can get in touch on Twitter or by using my contact form.

One More Thing…

Finally, I’m hoping to launch a new photography site in the next few months to showcase my images from across various types of photography. I may also be publishing reviews and other related articles on the new site, but make sure to keep an eye on this site for a post when it goes live. I’ll also be sure to announce it on Twitter, so follow me there too to get the latest updates.

Once again, Happy New Year to you all and I look forward to seeing how this site grows and develops over the coming 12 months.

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