Yesterday I began a fun new adventure with the start of flight training towards the Light Aircraft Pilot’s License (LAPL) at Cranfield Flying School. The school is based at my university’s airport, so is only a handy 10-minute walk from my flat, making it ideal for afternoon flying lessons when I don’t have any lectures.

Google Earth view of Cranfield University and Airport

In yesterday’s lesson, I performed the taxied to the runway, performed the takeoff, then once at cruising height learned about trim, power and the use of flaps. I also did most of the approach to landing, with my instructor taking control for the round out once we were about 20 metres or so off the ground.

It was a fantastic lesson to get started and I’m looking forward to my next lesson tomorrow and the rest of my lessons needed to get the 30 hours for my LAPL. I’ll be adding more flying blog posts to the new flying category as I go, so be sure to join me on the journey.

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